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The University of Houston Tau Chapter of Sigma Beta Rho was established to instill leadership qualities in men at the University of Houston, organize and motivate U of  H men to provide service to our society, and to raise cultural awareness on our campus. Sigma Beta Rho was founded to embody the ideals of Society, Brotherhood, and Remembrance among its members. Sigma Beta Rho also empowers its members to be leaders in the Greek community at the University of Houston and in our society.

We have maintained our active status and good standing with the Campus Activities department and Multicultural Greek Council since our inception on the UH campus.

Our Service

We are proud to say that every brother of Sigma Beta Rho, including every Alumnus, is involved in serving our community. To achieve this goal, we have coupled with various, large service organizations from around the world. Learn More.

Our Traditions

Traditions are what make each Greek-lettered organization unique. We maintain numerous internal, social, and service traditions that make us one of the greatest organization at the University of Houston. In order to continue building these types of traditions, we work together with other student organizations, as well as other Sigma Beta Rho chapters. Learn More.

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